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I have a full range of services to meet your pets needs. If there is something that you require but cannot see please get in touch, I will be happy to accommodate where I can. 

Full Day Care

Dog in Nature
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If you'll be away at work all day and wish for your pet to enjoy some companionship, or if your furry companion has a surplus of energy to expend, then enrolling them in day-care could be an ideal solution. Throughout the day, they'll accompany me on all my walks, gaining the opportunity to make numerous friends! Just pack them a lunch, and I'll handle the morning pickup and late afternoon drop-off.

£30 per day ( discount offered if booked more than 3 times in a week) 

Home Visits 

Two British Kittens
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Dogs and Puppies: I offer to provide short walks, refresh puppy pads, and engage with your pet, catering to their need for human interaction and socialisation. This service is especially beneficial for elderly dogs, offering them dedicated one-on-one attention.

Cats and Kittens: I provide playful interaction and cuddle time for your feline friends. Additionally, I will manage the cat litter box, ensuring that water and food bowls are cleaned and replenished.


Small Animals: For a variety of pets, including hamsters, birds, rabbits, fish, and more, I am pleased to clean their living spaces, refill their water and food containers, and spend quality time socialising with them.

These visits last between 30 & 45 minutes depending on requirements.

£10 per visit

Chaparone Wedding Service

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Are you keen on having your furry companion at your wedding but unsure how to manage it without burdening your guests? I'm here to ease that concern. Let me handle the logistics of including your pet in your special day.

We'll start with a preliminary visit where we'll discuss all the details of your needs for the big day. I'll be responsible for transporting your dog to and from the wedding venue, ensuring they're prepared for photographs and any other activities planned. Throughout the event, I'll accompany your pet, guaranteeing they are walked, content, and contributing positively to the seamless progression of your celebration. At the evening's end, I'll return them home, provide a final walk, and settle them in for the night. Should you need me to stay overnight, this service is available for an additional fee.

Chaperone Wedding Service: £200

Group Dog Walk

Dogs with Dog Walker
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Your dog will join a compact group for their walks, which is excellent for both socialisation and physical activity through collective play. The group walks are limited to no more than five dogs, ensuring each member of the pack receives adequate management and attention.

60 minutes £12

Pet Sitting Service 

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Dogs are considered family members, yet sometimes they can't join in on family vacations. If placing your dog in a kennel isn't suitable, consider pet sitting as an excellent substitute. This service ensures your pet remains in the comfort and safety of their own home. I can provide overnight stays ensuring that your dog is not left unattended for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Your dog will enjoy three daily walks and all the comforts of home they are accustomed to. Of course I can stay for your cats, rabbits, hamster, any member of the family. Normally smaller pets may only require a home visit.

£28 per day

Weekend Walking Adventures 

Dog on a hike
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I plan to organise weekend excursions at least once a month, more frequently during the warmer months, as I have a passion for hill walking and spending time outdoors. These adventures will be tailored to the group, with a maximum of four spots available.

I will collect your furry companion in the morning and bring them back in the evening. Kindly prepare a packed lunch for them. Snacks and water will be supplied during our adventure, and rest assured, I'll share photos with you.

This offering is perfect for those days when you're occupied with weddings or other events. I between will pick your dog up between 10am -11am and drop them off between 4pm and 5pm. 

I can also offer a final night-time check in for your dog, including their last bathroom break before bedtime, this will be an additional £10. 

Adventure day £45

Everything Else 

Hamster on a Wheel
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Should you need additional pet services, like a taxi to the vet or assistance in picking up and delivering their prescriptions, please don't hesitate to contact me. No task is too minor.

Dog in the Park

Chaperone Wedding Service

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Dog Walker at the Park

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